What’s there new in Westfalia James Cook Sprinter?

Published: 23rd March 2010
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Campervans are now and without end the most appreciated and treasured vehicle used for travel and camping. These are made for those happy days that you spend along with your loved ones and a great camp in deep woods and near by villages with beautiful surrounding. What a fun will it be to have fun and travel together during the summer camp with your family and friends and exploring places? Are you interested in those long travels and also plan to take rest in a homely atmosphere with great comfort wherever you are traveling? In that case what anyone can suggest you are those stunning campervans... What you need to do is to rent or get one for yourself and get pleasure from the natural environment when you travel across them with your campervan.

Than anywhere in the world, campervans are most commonly used in European countries and while in the US, these motors vehicle are recognized and called as recreational vehicle. The biggest advantage in this is that you can always halt anywhere you may feel delighted and go camping at whatever time you plan. Campervans are the out of the ordinary and unique type of automobile that makes available together transport as well as lodging for recreation and a good nap during long travels.

Among the campervans, there are a lot of kinds that suits people's need accordingly. There are star rated campervans that is preferred by discerning tourists who would opt for hotels which is of a five star rating. These kinds of travelers are the ones who won't be happy in compromising for a normal kind of campervan. They always demand for the best even while they choose for a camper van. Let it be a situation where these people want to enjoy a short weekend break or an annual vacation, they would feel satisfied only with a Mercedes-Benz camper van that is of a star quality that offers comfy and classy accommodation with great storage capacity.

Now let's see a few features about one among the star quality World premiere variety of camper van, which is the all new Westfalia James Cook Sprinter. Westfalia James Cook Sprinter is the show-up of the Mercedes-Benz stand and the high-status third generation model of the all time popular brand. This all-time successful and high quality machine is said to have set new values with the latest technology, design and in-build qualities that they proudly poses. The James Cook variety has been offer with differing roof concepts for the first time in the history say sources. These have a bench seat cum bed unit, abed with spring base, hot water based heating system, under-floor heating which is optional and much more luxury add on to make the vehicle more confortable and classy.

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